How to Grab AND Keep your Audience’s Attention

How to Grab AND Keep your Audience’s Attention
November 5, 2016 nme

Picture this: You have a great product or service and one of the avenues you take to let people know about who you are and what you do is to invite them to your presentation or to the event you’ll be speaking at. The people who express genuine interest RSVP and show up.

Let’s fast forward to the “day of”…  You start off with a captive audience. BUT then they start to drift off. They’re checking their phones for email, texts or the latest Facebook post. Their attention has gone elsewhere and now you’re trying to get them back.

Your audience is busy, they’ve got a lot on their minds and they’re already thinking about the dozens of other things they need to get done as soon as they get up and exit your presentation.

It’s not personal, but in order to grab and keep their attention, you need to make their experience personal.

A mistake people make, whether it’s talking to one person, a small group, or in front of a larger audience is not engaging the listener and making it personal for them right from the start.

One way to get them to lean in and stay tuned in to  what you have to say is to tell them what they’re going to get, why it’s important that they get it, and how it will impact them.

A good strategy is to have an actual tangible reward as “what” they get to walk away with followed up by sharing the internal intangible reward and how it will positively affect them.

For instance, one area I work on with my clients is the art of “conversation starters”. In some of my presentations I give out a card with 5 conversation starters as the tangible external reward and share what it is and instruct them on how to practice with one another.

I then share the internal intangible reward which is that they’re going to feel more confident, excited and genuine when asking something other than the predictable and scripted “what do you do?” conversation starter.  And these conversation starters lead to a more enjoyable and memorable interaction.

Three things to get you started on identifying both the external and internal reward:

  1. Create an external tangible reward you can offer your audience
  2. Share why it’s important they have it
  3. Cover how it will affect their outcome in whatever area you help them with

When you make it personal for them and offer both an external and internal reward you will be off to a good start.






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