From Stuck to Motivated in 5 Easy Steps

From Stuck to Motivated in 5 Easy Steps
January 28, 2014 nme

Does this ever happen to you?

You go to a seminar, you listen to a CD, or attend an online webinar and you’re all pumped up and motivated to finally do what you set out to do. You’re going to finish your website, you’re going to make time to exercise, you’re going to get more clients, you’re going to get organized…

You’re off to a great start and for the first 3 days you are feeling strong, but then day four comes along and you’re remembering that you have to do that, and then this, and then that again, and by the following week you’re back into your old routine of putting out fires, working long hours, jumping  from one thing to another, and stacking up the papers again.

Don’t worry, we have all slipped back from time to time, it’s part of being human.

But what happens to most people is they get stuck in the routine of not really getting things done. And I mean the things that truly matter in order to thrive in your business; the things that will get you clients and increase your bottom line.

When I feel  overwhelmed or when I need a burst of motivation I have a way to get really clear on what I want to accomplish and the result that I will have once I reach my goal.  I teach several strategies to my clients who sometimes  just need to get unstuck and the following exercise is one of my favorites: The “YES/NO” Exercise.

Here’s how it works:  Simply ask yourself, If you say “YES” to BLANK, what are you saying “NO” to?  And if you say “NO” to BLANK what are you saying “YES” to?

For instance:

  • If I say yes to working on my telesummit project today, I’m saying no to working on my website sales page.
  • If I say no to working on my telesummit project today, I’m saying yes to working on my website sales page.

These are both important projects that need to get done but I have to choose one to work on RIGHT NOW, so I look to at my big picture priority list and see where they fit in.

So now I have to decide what my priority is. And since I’ve already declared at the beginning of the year that my website sales page is top priority, I’m going to work on that until it’s completed or my block of allotted time is up.

Now I’m unstuck and ready to get my motivation going again. The beauty in this is that I’ve taken the doubt out of my decision; it’s clear exactly what I am saying yes and no to.

Here are some tips to get you unstuck and in motion:

  1. Identify what your overall goal is, do you want more clients, more time, more organization,etc.
  2. Knowing that you only have X amount of hours, carve out the time you will need to actually focus and get something to completion.
  3. Go through the “YES/NO exercise above.
  4. Set your timer and ONLY work on that project for the allotted time you have set.
  5. Turn off your email alerts, phone, close the door and turn on some motivating music.

If you make this a weekly and daily habit, I guarantee you will see the results you’ve been longing for.


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